Croatian Relief Services is always in need of volunteers to assist with daily operational activities at our headquarters in Fairview, New Jersey. We are in need of volunteers with a whole range of capacities from physical labor to computer tech skills. Please contact us at croatianreliefservices@gmail.com for more information on how you can get involved today. Thank you for your support!

Physical Labor

Croatian Relief sends several containers of humanitarian aid supplies each year. On shipping day, we are in need of several strong volunteers who are able to do some heavy lifting to help us pack the container. For the date of our next container shipment, stay tuned for announcements on our website and Facebook page, or inquire via email.

Computer Tech Skills

We are always in need of individuals who can offer their IT skills. Are you familiar with website design or HTML? Do you have knowledge of Search Engine Optimization? Maybe you just have basic proficiency with Microsoft Office, but still want to help? Please email us for information on the changing ways you can help us advance our mission! No matter what your skill level, there are many ways your efforts can make a difference!