Child Welfare


We provide both our children and our employees the peace that comes along with 24/7 armed security, and a walled in property. Because of past instances and situations that have breached our safety barriers, we found it of utmost importance to have the property walled in and 24/7 armed security. Although there are still instances that surround us that threaten our security, we know we are somewhat more protected and are able to provide needed safety for the children with the armed guards in case a situation does occur.


Education is an essential tool in recognizing the value of each human life and in opening the many doors that life offers. With that being said, we send all of our children above the age of two to school. As we do not have a school on our property, we are obliged to pay for each child on a semesterly basis. We also pay for all materials that are essential for attending school, such as school books, full uniforms, notebooks, writing utensils, backpacks and more. The school the children attend is not far. They have only to walk through the doors and move next door for their education. There, they study mathematics, Haitian literature, grammar, the sciences, history and French. Because they attend school next door, the children have the advantage of less travel time to and from school in traffic and are able to spend more time on homework and critical thinking exercises that we encourage when they have finished their school work.

Medical Services

Reliable doctors can be difficult to find in Haiti and the medicine the children need sometimes has also been difficult for us to get our hands on. For our medical needs, we do find local doctors or clinics to do our testing and turn to Dr. James Morgan (Lamp for Haiti) to help us confirm more serious medical problems. When we have an emergency or a more serious medical problem, we bring the children to the hospital. The children receive vitamins on a daily basis, as well. There are a few children who have on going medical expenses and others whose health problems occur sporadically due to bacterial, viral, or parasitic infections, for example.

Nutrition and Clean Water

The nutritional changes that we have made over the past years have and continue to make a significant difference in the lives of the children. After creating and instituting the CSCH Nutrition and Clean Water Program, we have seen our children’s health and general well-being increase dramatically.

Support and food donations from local organizations, such as Love a Child and Food for the Poor, have given us the ability to provide a stable base for our children’s meals each day. They donate rice, beans and Manna Packs from the organization Feed My Starving Children. Donations from the food distributor, Goya, have also provided us with substantial aid in creating and maintaining this stable meal base.

Because of their generosity, we are able to buy a needed, larger quantity of fresh, local ingredients to supplement the meals that the children eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Donated vitamins also supplement the children’s nutrition. These donations with the fresh local ingredients that we are now able to buy allow our cooks to try and learn new recipes and our children to expand their horizons and try new dishes from all over the world.