Our family here is never short of activities. Over the past year we have created new programs and activities to encourage the children’s further learning.

Sports/ Physical Education

Keeping active is always something that we have encouraged for our children. They enjoy playing sports, learning the rules of new sports and exploring the fun within games that we teach them or games that they make up themselves. Through educational games, we have taught them lessons about teamwork, trust, respect and they have been and always are very receptive in learning new perspectives in life and lessons.

Reflective Writing

Reflective Writing is an initiative that we started amongst the children that are 10 years old and older. They each have a notebook and when they have downtime are allowed to ask for the notebook so that they can reflect on daily activities, friends, family, their thoughts and most importantly, to help them in realizing their potential and their value.

Fun Phonics and Vocabulary

Although we do not have enough staff to help out with English lessons, we teach the children new vocabulary and how to pronounce letters and letter combinations in English. In teaching them this way, yes, it is slow, yet it teaches them the tools of learning a language. Phonics is a key aspect in learning to speak and decipher words in understanding new languages. Our main focus is English, yet this skill will help them understand where to start in learning other languages, as well.


As we begin to explore and encounter different artists, we are finding new skills and new mentors to expose the children to different aspects of the Haitian culture, to spark their interests and to offer them more opportunities in critical thinking and overall in life. We have been in contact with potters, painters, tailors and shoe makers to name a few. As the kids have been more exposed to the many aspects of art, they have been inspired to create their own pieces of art that we have on display here, at the Children’s Home.


Many of the children have joined the regional KIWO Youth Group that is based out of the church that we attend each Sunday morning. In several ways, this youth group resembles the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in the United States. The children participate in events, learn new skills and do service within the community. KIWO takes part in keeping the church well maintained and has the children sing in the choir on select Sundays. Each year, KIWO has a summer camp that lasts four days and we were able to send eleven children to the camp this past August. This youth group is a chance for the children to make new friends, learn about themselves more and at the same time, learn about others and how to respect and value each and every human life.