The Bee Whisperer

The Bee Whisperer

“My name is ‘I didn’t believe’. I don’t know how old am I but I was the only child to my parents. What I know is that the year I was born the rains were as heavy as a mother’s breasts without a mouth to feed. My mother used to say the water was so high that even rats were drowning and you could hear them squeaking when they were about to die. They say it is not possible to remember, but I know it is true, honey is the first taste I can remember.

I have never seen a doctor in my whole life. I was born as the sixth baby boy in a family who had already suffered the loss of five healthy boys. They died one by one in excruciating pain and screams. My family was poor and we never found out why they died in such an agonizing pain.

I was baptized by a white pastor, a missionary in my village, and with my legitimate name I earned a lifetime nickname “Pat kwe” (I didn’t believe), because my father didn’t believe I would survive. He was assured he was damned for some reason and all of his children would die before he did. But I didn’t. I was a strong boy and as I was growing up, I became more useful than the goat and beef we had. And then I discovered bees. You cannot get rich in this country, especially if you were as poor as we were, but I have always found a way to feed myself. Bees have always taken good care of me”, finishes his story through toothless smile and he goes back to work.

Pat Kwe came to us when we discovered the bee nest in the roof of the house. There was an ocean of bees and my being allergic to their sting, I decided to move them out. He showed up out of nowhere; in torn jeans and a snow white t-shirt, with that cordial toothless smile that become his trademark. He didn’t ask for anything and in a few weeks he became a gladly seen friend.  Now Pat Kwe is one of the members of this extended family that you all help to feed. Every time he comes, he is wearing his new jeans, a shirt, and a hat and every time he salutes, he takes of his hat and I cannot help it but be so happy and cheerful when he does this old school gesture and smile back at him. And did I mention we have our own homemade honey every month?

The things you do for others matter, they really do. I promise.