Easter and Sacraments: 2014

Easter and Sacraments: 2014

Life is so very beautiful. As this week has passed, we are reminded of this, again.

Easter is not only a celebration of Christ’s Resurrection but of the sincerity and overwhelming love with which He lived His life and offered His life for us all.

During this Lenten season, as fourteen of our children prepared for Baptism and eighteen of our children prepared for First Holy Communion, our own family grew in this sincerity and love. And we, as a family, became more aware of its absolute necessity in this world. With the same joy that your whole being experiences with your children and families, we experience and share with ours, always reminding them through our actions, and not just words, that all of God’s creation holds immense value and beauty and deserves nothing less than that same sincerity and love that Christ graces us with.

As our children receive the sacraments and as we all celebrate in the graces of Easter, we wish to remind them and all that these are not just passing graces, unquestionable faith and empty actions, but that every rain is a baptism, as is the heat of each ray of sun and the beauty of each smile; each and every one of these moments offers us the opportunity to be in Communion with all those who experience and will experience the same. In questioning and experiencing this baptism and Communion, we become more deeply rooted within them and with others.

We and our beautiful family hope and pray that you and your family have a very blessed Easter; that for you and all, that these are not just passing graces, unquestioned faith and empty actions, but a baptism and communion of your own each day.