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Croatian Relief Services: Hurricane Matthew Disaster Relief

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Of Mice and Men.

His voice was trembling but he tried to keep the composure, “Um, boss, my son just died. I just found out. On his way to the hospital. But it’s not my fault. It’s not…” Those last words succumbed their own weight. “He is in a morgue now, he was in…

Camp Kalalou!

If you’ve ever been around forty-five children freshly out of school, running around and screaming as if it were the last minute on earth and they needed to breech the sound barrier to earn another minute to continue doing the same, then you can imagine our angst as we and…

Safety and Security

I remember barbed wire from childhood when watching the news and photos from the concentration camps during the war in Croatia and Bosnia in the early nineties. The image of the disturbing and twisted marriage of barbed wire and barbed rib cage of starving men was engraved in my mind.…